As part of the relief package, the German government has announced the 9-Euro-Ticket, which will make it possible to use public transportation throughout Germany at a price of 9 euros in the months of June, July and August 2022.     

The good news is that the 9-euro rule also applies to the semester ticket. In the months mentioned, the price of the semester ticket will therefore be adjusted to 9 euros per calendar month and can be used throughout Germany on local public transport in 2nd class from June to August. The ticket is not valid on long-distance trains (e.g. IC, EC, ICE) and long-distance buses.  

Please note that the existing rules for taking people with you (see semester ticket FAQ: “Can I take an extra person with me without them paying for a ticket?” and “Can I take my bicycle on public transit with the semester ticket?”) do not apply beyond the usual regional area.  

Important for you: You do not have to apply for or buy an extra ticket, but you can use the semester ticket throughout Germany.  

After close and intensive coordination with the transportation companies and the university, we are therefore pleased to inform you that the difference of 88,17 € will be refunded to you. The reimbursement by the university began at the end of August and will be made to the account from which the semester fee for the summer semester 2022 was paid. If an automatic refund is not possible in individual cases, the university will contact you for manual processing without being asked. Since this manual processing will take some time, we ask for your patience again.  

General information about the 9-Euro-Ticket can be found at