The most important information at a glance:

    • You can print out simple print jobs yourself in our self-service area in the basement of the Mensa building using the AStA Copyclient. Printers are also available in the library on level 2.
    • Please send your thesis for binding in general in advance via the dedicated form.
    • Please note that we can only print documents in .pdf file format.


Our service for you

We print and copy your documents (term papers, seminar papers, theses, readers, etc.).

Please bring your documents as PDF files or send them to us in advance using this form. With Microsoft Office documents, the formatting may shift under certain circumstances.

Please make sure that all files and documents have a high resolution or decent image quality, so that we can offer you the best possible quality.

In addition, you can of course print, scan and copy on our modern printers. This is very easy with our AStA Copyclient App or the Webclient. You can find more information below.


Here you can find the Copyclient in the App Store for iOS and in the Play Store for Android. For Android, you can alternatively download and install the APK directly.

Here you can see how much credit is still available on your account and when what was debited. Simply log in with your username/card number and password/pin!

Additionally, you can upload PDF files to our system (without VPN) from any device (smartphone, tablet, Windows, macOS and Linux).

To learn how to create PDF files from Microsoft OfficeLibreOffice or any other application that can print (WindowsmacOS), see the respective links.

Here you can download the Windows Copyclient, with which you can also print from home in our printing system.



Here you can find installers for other systems (multiple Linux Distributions and Android APKs).

Here you can find the instructions for the copyclient.

Terms and conditions

Here you can find the terms and conditions of the AStA Copyservice.


Just send us a message via our contact form or call us during opening hours at 05251/60-3178.

Outside the opening hours of the AStA Service you can still send us a message and we will process your request during the opening hours.

  • quotation for a print or copy job
  • in case of malfunctions of the devices
  • for questions, suggestions or criticism

Copyservice FAQ

Thesis questions

The time it takes to print and bind a thesis depends on the number of customers and the number of copies you need. As soon as you have sent your order, we will process it as quickly as possible. Normally you can pick it up on the next business day. We do our best with every customer both in quality and time. However, please understand if you have to wait a little longer because other orders have to be completed before yours. Should this be the case, you will be given an approximate pick-up time at which you can be expected to arrive at the earliest.

We have regularly changing offers for binding a thesis. You can find the current price on our order form page.

Yes, the offer price is also valid for longer pieces of work. However, only under the specified conditions. Each additional b/w page is charged with 0,10 €, each additional color page with 0,20 €.

Yes, you can have this done by us as well as burn it yourself at our self-service computers.

It depends on your examiner’s default. By default, most students print on one side. In the case of a double-sided version, however, you should also observe the special formatting requirements of the university, for example, where the page numbers have to be placed.

The paper is bound in about 1 cm width. The default page margin for final papers is therefore sufficient and you do not need to pay attention to anything else.

For your thesis, you have quite a large selection of different book covers at your disposal, which you are welcome to take a look at on site. On the one hand, you can choose between hardcover and softcover bindings, on the other hand between the different colors black, blue, dark red, dark green and gray (see below). The colors here may differ from the original colors. The book bindings are not printable from the outside, but we can emboss them (see FAQ about embossing).

Yes, you can have the hardcover of your thesis embossed in gold or silver. The first embossing costs €5, each additional €2.50. Unfortunately, soft covers cannot be embossed.

Questions about the app and printing

Come by our store during opening hours. We will create a temporary password for you based on your username or email address, which you can then change on your own.

In our “AStA-Copyclient” you can easily upload your print jobs from home. Then you only need to scan the QR code of a printer on site and can take your print jobs directly with you.

You can download your print job from the comfort of your own home or on the road, either in the AStA Copyclient app or the web client. Then you only have to make the appropriate settings for your print job (number of pages, black and white printing, duplex printing, etc.) and scan the QR code of any printer with your cell phone. This eliminates the annoying queuing at the terminal PCs.

Yes, you can print yourself via the terminal PCs in the Self-Service area as well as via our employee service.

Your print will not be completed until you have sufficient credit. Credit will be deducted only after successful printing. If you do not have enough credit, the print will be cancelled. After you have recharged your credit, you must restart the print at the interrupted point. It is therefore best to make sure that you have enough credit before sending the order, as the app will tell you in advance how expensive the print order will be.

Please submit your print job as a PDF.

No, only when you receive the files printed from us. Note, however, that by sending a print order you order your files for a fee.

There are 15 MP C4505ex color laser multifunction printers of the Ricoh brand at your disposal in the self-service.

Other questions

The AStA Copyservice is located below the Mensa and right next to the Grillcafé (in ME.U.205), i.e. inside the university building and not outside. Please note that the AStA Copyservice is not the university’s in-house print store (formerly known as Canon-Druckshop).

You can find our contact details above on this page.

Yes, you can buy stamps with a value of 0,60 €, 0,80 € or 1,55 €.