Since October 2022, we have been able to count the Gewölbe among our event spaces. During the week, it is available to the student body of the University of Paderborn and can be booked as a seminar, lecture, exhibition and event venue by student and university groups via the AStA.

The developed vaulted cellar from the early 18th century is located on Marienplatz in the middle of Paderborn. A highlight of the vault is the entrance: a floor hatch in the corridor to the left of Hans im Glück. Barrier-free access is also guaranteed via the elevator in the courtyard between Hans im Glück and L’Osteria.

The use is always possible in the period from Monday 9:00 am continuously to Friday 15:00 pm.

For the operation of the bar and the handling of the event technology, trained personnel is available from the landlord, so that you do not have to worry about this.

Some impressions of the area can be found here:

For questions and viewing appointments please contact us via the contact form.

Through this link you can view our occupancy calendar.

Booking requests are welcome through this page (only in German):

Booking Request

FAQ about the use of the Gewölbe

The Gewölbe is available to university and student groups of Paderborn University for use for activities within the framework of teaching & culture or other activities of the student body as a seminar, lecture, exhibition and event venue.

However, events with pure party character, internal chair parties, events without student guests or events of groups without reference to Paderborn University are not possible.

You are welcome to ask us without obligation whether the event you are planning can be held in the Gewölbe.

This depends on the type of event. Without seating for all guests, the Gewölbe is suitable for about 120 people.

If all guests are to be seated, the following numbers of people are possible, depending on the type of setup:

  • Row seating: up to 75 people
  • Large table: up to 12 persons
  • Festive tables: up to 36 persons
  • Group tables: up to 5 tables of 6 people each

These are maximum numbers, and if they are used to the full, the space may become a bit cramped. You are welcome to visit the Gewölbe to get an impression of the space.

Wi-Fi, a sound system operated via Bluetooth (or alternatively via an external mixing console), a radio microphone, a beamer with portable screen, a stage platform, and a portable checkroom are available.

In addition, the equipment with the desired tables and chairs will be provided.

There is no rent for the use of the Gewölbe within the administration by the AStA.

The use of the Gewölbe includes one person provided by the Gewölbe to operate the event technology and to manage the bar. If additional personnel is used, this will be charged.

Beyond that, only the consumed drinks will be charged (see point catering).

The beverage service is provided exclusively by the Gewölbe and is carried out by the person provided by the Gewölbe. A standard assortment of beverages is available in the Gewölbe, which can be ordered without prior notice. Settlement will be made after the event according to sales units (bottles/glasses) consumed.

If beverages not included in the standard assortment are desired, these can be provided after ordering. In this case, opened purchase units (boxes/cartons) will be invoiced.

If the beverages are to be offered to the guests for a fee, you are responsible for billing the guests for the beverages.

You can organize the catering with food according to your wishes, contacts to different service providers can be provided on request.

The Gewölbe has two entrances, a floor flap next to the entrance to Hans im Glück and an elevator in the courtyard behind Hans im Glück.

The elevator can be used throughout the event, the floor flap is opened by arrangement with the staff for admission and is usually closed at the start of the event.