Marketing Inquiries

We at AStA are happy to advertise your events in our “WAStA los?! – Event Tips” format as well as on our Infoscreens within the university and thus bring your information to the students. The event tips appear every Monday in our Instagram story and are saved in a highlight until the time of the event.

Advertising in our Instagram Story

If you would like your event to appear in our Instagram story, please link us on an Instagram post about the event and check the IG Story box here in the form. All links received by Monday’s posting deadline will be eligible. In order to achieve a good promotional effect, please make sure that the image of the post is meaningful and possibly already contains initial information about the topic, date, location, etc.

If you do not have an Instagram account, please fill out the field at the bottom of the form. Please keep it short and to the point so that the story slide we create from it is not too packed and confusing.

Advertising on our Infoscreens

For our infoscreens (one in the Bibofoyer and two above the glass boxes in front of the AStA Copyservice; the infoscreens in the AStA Copyservice are not available for external advertising) as well as our website we need the graphics of your event as JPG or PNG and in the dimensions required in the tool, PDFs can unfortunately not be considered for the event calendar and the infowalls. If the graphics are not submitted in the correct dimensions, they will not be displayed.

Important: It is possible that not all requests can be considered. This means that not every request is guaranteed to be implemented.

Unfortunately, we cannot advertise surveys for bachelor/master and other theses, as well as offers from non-student companies.

    Note on the application on the info screens:
    Your event can be advertised on the AStA information screens.
    For this we need at least one JPG or PNG file in one of the following sizes:

    1080x1920 pixels (vertical, screen in C0)
    1920x1080 pixels (horizontal, screens in the cafeteria corridor in front of AStA)

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept other image formats or sizes. Please name the files with event date and event name!