The AStA Paderborn offers various services for students. You can find more detailed information on the following pages:

Semester Ticket

Almost all students of Paderborn University pay a major share of their semester fee, in order to be able to use public transit in all of Germany. You can find the FAQs here.

Social Office

Our social office team offers various services that are designed to improve the quality of your studies. These include especially consultation services about the following topics:

  • financial aids (e.g. BAföG, Wohngeld, scholarships)
  • legal and tax consultation
  • studying as a parent
  • application feedback
  • consultation about diversity issues

You can find all relevant info about our social office here.

AStA Stadtcampus

The heart of Paderborn’s student body beats in two places at once: on the main campus at Warburger Straße and at the AStA Stadtcampus in Paderborn’s city center. Here you will find: a modern event space that is perfect for workshops, conferences, and other events. Plus, there you will also find a co-working space for official student groups (both on the 6th floor of the building). Furthermore, on the 4th and 5th floors of the building, you have the opportunity to study and write in the AStA Study Space that seats about 90 students in several different kinds of rooms (both group and individual rooms). Here you will find anything you need to know.


Despite advancing digitalization, studying at a university still means a lot of paper work: term papers, reading materials, forms, a bachelor or master thesis. In order to provide students printing services on campus at student-friendly prices, the AStA has been running their very own copy service for years. Everything you need to know, you will find here.

DIY Bicycle Workshop

A popular, cost-effective and sustainable means of transportation for a lot of students: the bicycle. Whatever repairs might be necessary, we can help you do the job right or provide you the necessary tools. More info here.

Job Board

Many students are dependent on jobs. We want you to find the suitable job as fast and easily as possible, thus we are running a job board that is used by a lot of employers from the region. Come have a look!

Authentications of Official Documents

At university you often need authenticated copies of official documents, for example of your diploma. For university purposes we at the AStA can authenticate the first 10 pages of your documents for free. All further pages will be charged with a fee of 0,10€. More info here.

The Digital Ersti-Tüte

Since the 2020/21 winter term we welcome all new first semesters of Paderborn University with a digital version of the Ersti-Tüte in form of an app developed by our IT department. Just like in the physical Ersti-Tüte, you will be given exclusive offers and coupons for the Paderborn cultural scene as well for the everyday student needs. In comparison to the classic Ersti-Tüte, our app helps save paper and plastics. Find out more here.


Student self-administration wouldn’t work without a bit of bureaucracy. All important forms and guidelines can be found here.