Authentication of Official Documents

Copies of official documents within the university context, for example for final examinations, can be certified at the AStA Service (ME U 205) during opening hours. This service is free of charge for the first 10 pages. Additional pages will be charged with a service fee of 0,10€. Please note that these are not official authentications. These are only viable for internal uses at Paderborn University (e.g. if you are applying to switch study programs).

Please copy the documents that you want certified yourself and bring both the copies and their respective originals to the AStA main office, where they will be checked and stamped. If you need a large number of documents certified, you can also hand them in and collect your certified copies later.

What can be certified?

  • Documents issued by Paderborn University
  • Certificates of Qualification for University Matriculation (Abiturzeugnisse/High School Degrees)
  • Certificates from other universities
  • Letters of reference from internships
  • Letters of reference from honorary posts
  • Translations of foreign documents in English or German