Legal and Tax Consultation Registration Form

Dear students,

We are happy to keep offering free-of-charge legal and tax consultations. Please register for these using the below form if you are in need of either of those services. You can register until 3pm the day before the desired consultation hours at the very latest. As usual, you can find the consultation hours here. Due to the pandemic, consultation will take place either via phone or video call. Our consultants will call you during the agreed upon time slot. Dr. Bastert is in charge of tax consultation, whereas Mr. Wirth will take care of the legal consultation hours.

Please note that the time slots during these consultation hours are limited. Thus, it is possible that your desired appointment won’t be available. We hope that you’ll understand and we will try and process your booking as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Social Office using our contact form.

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