Student Parliament

The student parliament (StuPa) consists of up to 21 students from different groups and lists (analogous to political parties in the Bundestag or other national parliaments). The Stupa elects and controls the AStA, determines the budget of the student body and decides on motions that affect the students. In order to fulfill its tasks, the StuPa can appoint committees. These normally consist of up to 7 people. One of these committees is the Budget Committee (HHA), which exists in every StuPa. The HHA is responsible for auditing the budget and the financial statements.

The StuPa is responsible for the semester ticket, for example. On behalf of the StuPa, one or several members of the AStA conduct negotiations with the various transportation companies. The AStA then presents the results of its negotiations to the StuPa. The StuPa then decides whether or not to accept these contracts.

Furthermore, the StuPa is also responsible for the recognition and denial of student initiatives and project groups. The StuPa can provide these with money for their work or special projects.

The parliamentary sessions of the StuPa usually take place once a month. According to the statues, these sessions are always open to any member of the university.

The StuPa elections usually take place at the end of June or beginning of July. If you would like to inform yourself about the election lists beforehand, you are welcome to attend one of the StuPa sessions.

Alternatively, you can get actively involved yourself: Join a list or start your own!