Alternative Course Catalog (Alternatives Vorlesungsverzeichnis)

You’ve put together your timetable and you’re not satisfied? Are you missing a topic in the course catalog that you have always wanted to deal with in a university context? Then why not help shape the course offerings!

In order to close the gaps in the course catalog, we are introducing the Alternative Course Catalog, as it already exists at other universities such as in Hannover, Halle or Frankfurt. It gives you the opportunity to expand the classical educational offer to make the university a place of self-determined learning and teaching.

Events of the AVV are not bound to any form: Reading courses, discussion groups, student conferences, field trips, and many other formats offered by students for students during the semester are possible.

In addition to the introductory texts, you will find information on dates and locations of the events on this page. We are happy to assist in finding rooms and financial support from the AStA is not excluded.

You would like to offer an event in the Alternative Course Catalog? Then please contact .

We are looking forward to your suggestions!

All alternative lectures submitted so far are in German, so you can find them on the German page.