Semester Fee

The semester fee, which all students of Paderborn University have to pay, consists of several different elements.

Here you can find the semester fee for the summer term 2022:

general AStA fee 12,50 €
regional semester ticket 171,88 €
less reduction due to corona-related timetable reduction – 7,38 €
NRW semester ticket 59,40 €
less reduction due to the 9-euro ticket – 88,17 €
social fee for the Studierendenwerk 81,43 €
Total 229,66 €

For the winter semester 2022/23 the contribution is:

general AStA fee 12,50 €
Special contribution for the Sommerfestival ticket return 1,00 €
less subsidy from reserves – 1,00 €
Cultural ticket 1,95 €
regional semester ticket 174,17 €
NRW semester ticket 58,50 €
less reduction due to Corona pandemic – 1,21 €
social fee for the Studierendenwerk 81,43 €
Total 327,34 €

You can also find an overview of previous semester fees on the website of the student parliament.

Semester Fee Refund

In certain cases a (partial) refund of the semester fee is possible. For general information on this, please refer to the university website.

Furthermore, you can find information about the possibility of a refund for the semester ticket fee at the bottom of our semester ticket page.