The repair of e-bikes is not possible.

AStA Bicycle Workshop

You can find the current opening hours at the bottom of the website.

Please make sure that you do not come to us just before closing time, so that we can finish on time and also take a lunch break. Otherwise, you may have to come back on another day.

Please note the posted hygiene measures!

In addition to a comprehensive range of tools and spare parts, the expertise around the topics of bicycle, maintenance and function is the cornerstone for the success of every bike buff. Naturally, the correct handling of tools is essential as well. You can get all this in the AStA bicycle workshop in the inner courtyard of the university. In addition to bike maintenance and repair, which you can do yourself, our staff will be happy to help and advise you.

Before you send us an email, please read our FAQs, which hopefully already answer most of your questions directly.


Yes, that’s what we’re here for.

We can only say this: Come by during opening hours. A remote diagnosis is usually not possible.

Yes, we have pretty much every tool you need in the workshop. For example, you can knock out your headset, pull off the cranks, unscrew the bottom bracket, center your wheels, change the tires, bleed your brakes, replace the cassette, rivet the chain and do many other things. The question of whether we have a specific tool, we can usually not answer without seeing your bike. So just come by, then we can help you immediately.

We always have common spare parts in stock, e.g. tires in 26 and 28 inches, tubes in 26 and 28 inches with bicycle, car or sclaverand valve, brake pads, brake and shift cables, spokes, rim tape, bulbs and lights, cables, chains and so on. What we do not have, we can usually order and have delivered within a week.

The workshop is always open at the times indicated below, regardless of vacations, lectures or the season. If we should ever not be there for private, professional or health reasons, there will be a sign on the door and we will comunicate as soon as possible on the AStA social media channels.

No, the workshop does not sell bicycles. Sometimes it happens that someone offers their bike privately to us. However, this is not the rule and the workshop does not assume any warranty in this case. We recommend that you use the well-known online portals for classified ads when buying a bike.

No, we do not rent bikes. Here, too, we can recommend buying a bike and selling it later via classified ad portals. Often you pay nothing in total, because the purchase prices do not differ from the sales prices.


Just contact us via our contact form or come by during our opening hours!
In urgent cases, you can also reach us by phone during opening hours at 05251/60-2487.