From July 4-7, you will once again have the opportunity to help determine the future of your university in the online university elections by voting for who will represent you in the following bodies:

The Student Parliament (StuPa) is the highest decision-making body of the student body and elects and controls the General Student Committee (AStA), which is your direct representation. The StuPa decides on issues that affect the entire student body.

The Fachschaftsräte and Fachschaftsvertretungen are your direct representatives when it comes to the courses of study. They work to make them better and more student-friendly.

In the Senate, students work with professors, academic and non-academic staff, and the University President on the direction of the University. In the Faculty Councils, students work with the Dean’s Office on the direction of the faculty.

In all of these bodies, a strong student voice is important. Therefore, it is even more important that you vote. All voters will have the opportunity to win a raffle with ten 20 € vouchers for the Mensa. If a voter turnout of 20% is reached, we would like to celebrate this with you and donate 200 liters of free beer in the Grill|Café on the evening of the last election day!

The StuPa-O-Mat and our panel discussion will help you to decide.

Click here for the election.