In the past weeks and months, there have (understandably) been repeated inquiries about the semester ticket: What is the current status of the renegotiations of the NRW semester ticket? Can I still use the SeTi throughout NRW after September 30, 2021? How should I cover any costs that may arise, for example, if I commute from Dortmund to Paderborn University (and some random pandemic does not force me into full digital studies)?  

Let’s put all these questions aside for now.  

(If you are still completely unfamiliar with the discussion on this topic, you can read or listen to the statement of the AStA chair Sharly here.)

The semester ticket, as we all know and use it, will remain in place until September 30, 2022. This means that you can still use the semester ticket as usual from Aachen, Bochum or Hanover, Göttingen or Kassel (due to existing route extension contracts). The AStA has negotiated this contract extension of initially two semesters with DB Regio NRW and the other transport companies involved. Not much will change in terms of price. While the entire semester ticket would have cost each of us individually 230.28 € in the current summer semester according to the semester ticket contracts, this amount will increase by 10 cents to 230.38 € for the winter semester 21/22. (The actual amount to be paid for the current summer semester and the upcoming winter semester will be lower due to the corona-related VAT and timetable reductions).  

Does this mean that the renegotiations are over?  

Absolutely not. This two-semester extension is an interim solution for all parties. This interim solution is necessary because an expert opinion is now being prepared by an external party to evaluate the contractual situation and the potential economic leeway. Such expert opinions are not unusual in such negotiation processes and experience shows that they take a few months. However, since we needed a solution earlier for the fee schedule, which sets the semester fee for WiSe 21/22, this interim solution came about.   

In concrete terms, however, all this also means that the renegotiation of the NRW-SeTi will continue. Next steps can be taken when the mentioned expert opinion is available (this will probably be the case towards the end of the summer semester).  

We in the AStA hope that we can take away your biggest SeTi worries for the time being. If you have any questions, you can of course reach us as usual on our social media presences.  

Your AStA Team