Study Space House Rules

Welcome to the Study Space of the AStA Stadtcampus! This learning and writing space, which now extends over two floors, is intended to provide you and all other students of Paderborn University with a professional environment for their study and writing projects.

Such a space, which is used by many different people at the same time, naturally does not work without some basic rules and guidelines. In order to protect you as a user and us as an administrative body, these house rules exist.

At first glance, you will find the three “Golden Rules”, the non-observance of which can have serious consequences for you. Further down towards the bottom, you will also find the rest of the house rules, which are of course no less important.

The Three Golden Rules


1. No alcohol, no smoking and no partying – otherwise it can get expensive.

2. Don't let anyone into the building or the Study Space with your access – otherwise you will be liable for their damages.

3. Note the official opening hours – entering the Study Space outside of these hours is prohibited. The same applies, of course, to overnight stays in the Study Space.


Should you observe that others are not following these rules or are damaging the Study Space without notifying us, please call our emergency line at any time: 05251/7099017 (ring for a long time).

§ 1 Safety

  1. By using the Study Space, all users agree to the Privacy Policy.
  2. All users of the Study Space must abide by the official notices of the AStA.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to give other people access to the building or the Study Space with your own access.
  4. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the entire area. This also applies to e-cigarettes and e-shishas.
  5. All traffic routes must be kept clear.
  6. Barbecuing on the terrace on the 5th floor is prohibited. Users who ignore this prohibition will be held liable for any damages and costs incurred.
  7. Flammable materials must not be brought into the Study Space.
  8. If there is any suspicion that there might be problems with gas, water, or electricity lines, the emergency hotline must be notified immediately. Furthermore, if lethal danger is suspected, the Study Space must be vacated immediately.
  9. The lock boxes may be used for short-term storage of valuables (e.g. when using the facilities or during lunch break). Long-term storage is not permitted. The AStA reserves the right to open the lockers weekly and empty their contents. In doing so, the padlock used may be removed and thus destroyed. Emptied contents will be stored by the AStA for one month without assuming liability for them. If the contents are not collected after this month, they will become property of the AStA.

§ 2 Hygiene

  1. The workstations and the kitchens must be left clean and tidy after each use.
  2. The cushions for the outdoor furniture on the 5th floor must be put back in the designated box after each use, so that they are protected from rain.
  3. After using the dishes and mugs, they must be put in the dishwasher. Should it be filled with clean dishes, the machine must be cleared beforehand.
  4. Food is stored in the refrigerators at your own risk.
  5. Food must be cleared out of the refrigerators at the end of each day. The AStA reserves the right to dispose of any food in the refrigerators that has not been cleared at the end of each day, including packaging or storage media.
  6. Any dirt on the furniture must be cleaned up immediately.
  7. Bringing animals into the Study Space is prohibited.

§ 3 Ventilation

  1. During the summer, care must be taken to ensure adequate ventilation by opening the available windows and outside doors. Furthermore, care must also be taken to lower the blinds during the midday hours to avoid unnecessary heating of the rooms. Additionally, the doors to the interior must remain closed, as all rooms without ventilation options are automatically air-conditioned.

§ 4 Noise

  1. Quiet is to be maintained at all times in the silent study rooms. In all other rooms, reasonable noise levels are to be maintained.

§ 5 Technology

  1. In general, care must be taken to ensure that all technical equipment available in the Study Space is handled responsibly. Damage to this equipment is to be reported immediately to the AStA.
  2. The coffee machines may be used in accordance with the provided guidelines.
  3. The refrigerators, microwaves and dishwashers are available for general use. Further details are regulated in § 2.
  4. The printer is provided by the AStA Copyservice, thus the terms and conditions of the AStA Copyservice apply to its use.
  5. When using the technology in the sprint rooms, it must be ensured that only the cables provided are used for connection. The removal of the USB dongle is prohibited.
  6. The information screens and the associated technology are not to be touched or operated.