Event space

The event space on the 6th floor of the AStA Stadtcampus with its spacious bar and roof terrace offers an optimal location for workshops, seminars, conferences as well as other events for up to 130 people. The booking is reserved for groups related to Paderborn University.

A maintenance fee is charged for each event:

Type of group Type of event Amount of maintenance fee
Student groups Daytime events 15€
Evening events within the stud. group 25€
Public evening events 75€
Conferences 25€ / day
Other UPB members events Events 75€
Conferences 75€ / day

Requests to use the event space should be made through our room booking tool:

Room Booking Tool

Depending on the type of event (public/student/etc.), booking confirmation will be sent either promptly after the reservation or at least four weeks before the event.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact form.

FAQ Event Space

The AStA Stadtcampus is a student-administered space for other students which can be booked for various types of events.

Cultural events in a student or university context, conferences, readings, lectures/seminars, team meetings, Fachschaft meetings and many more. In principle, we can accommodate any event that has a student benefit. Private events such as birthdays, graduation parties, etc. are not permitted.

You can make a booking via the room booking tool above. You are also welcome to order snacks and drinks on commission, which we will then hand out to you at the handover. The confirmation of the booking can take several weeks. However, if you need it urgently, you can send an email to .

Student groups and public events will be given priority in the allocation process.

Basically, the space is designed for 130 people. If you want to organize an event that takes place primarily in a seated position (i.e. conferences, lectures, etc.), you can use these guidelines:

100 people All guests will find a seat, but the arrangement will be somewhat packed.
80-60 people With this number of people, the event appears well attended, but here every guest can sit comfortably.
60-50 people This is the ideal number of people, because every guest can sit comfortably and move around without any problems.

We do not charge rent for the use of the space, only a small maintenance fee that is used for the regular purchase of cleaning supplies, trash bags, etc. This may vary depending on event size and length.

The event space is equipped with Eduroam and Freifunk, as well as a projector in both event rooms with various connections (including VGA, HDMI), and a mixing console, which is connected to two permanently installed boxes. We do not provide a laptop.

You are welcome to borrow additional equipment from us. This includes: Flipchart (incl. markers), whiteboard (incl. markers), extension cords, multiple plugs, bar tables, beer pong tables, director’s chairs, Fritz Kola furniture, four RGB light spots and parasols. If you are interested, please ask us in advance about the availability of the respective objects.

In the kitchen you will find everything you need for an event: Glasses (soft drink, cocktail, champagne, wine, beer and shot glasses), cups, plates, cutlery, two coffee machines, a kettle and two refrigerators.

No. You can use the caterer that suits your own taste. When using a catering service, it is important to plan delivery and pick-up, as both must be done within the booked period and cannot be handled by the AStA staff.

With pleasure! But make sure that you keep the window on the side of the grill closed. Gas for the grill you can also get from us, this we charge according to consumption. Please note that the grill must be cleaned by you after use.

Yes, you are definitely responsible for leaving the area clean. Preferably the way you would like to find it for your event. Cleaning utensils are available at the Stadtcampus. If you do not want to clean the area yourself, we will be happy to arrange a cleaning company for you in advance. We recommend this especially if you are planning an event that is expected to leave a lot of dirt.