Copyclient instruction

AStA Copyclient User Guide


AStA Copyclient App

In the AStA Service you can print, scan and copy with the smartphone app “AStA Copyclient”.
This way you don’t have to queue at PCs and printers and you get your print product fast and uncomplicated.

You can download the AStA Copyclient from the Google Play Store and the Apple AppStore.
The app is free and runs on Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” (or newer) and Apple iOS 8.0 (or newer).

Create an account

For the login you need an account.

You can easily create one on our computers in the service, in the web copy client or in the app via the registration button.

Check your balance

You can check your current balance in the web copy client at and in the app.

Top up credit

You can top up your credit during our opening hours at our service desk in cash or with a debit card or in the app AStA Copyclient via the menu item “Credit” using PayPal.


Upload print jobs

Open the installed Copyclient on the customer computers in the AStA Service/Library, the Web client on your own PC or the App and log in with your login data (if you still have the card, this is the SN and PIN number).

Now you can upload PDF files directly.
To do this, click on Upload PDF file in the job list and select a PDF file.
This file will be automatically uploaded to your account.

View and set print jobs

In the app, the web client and the desktop copy client, you can view the print jobs and make all print settings.

After logging in, the print jobs appear directly.
By clicking on print jobs you get information about print settings, number of pages and estimated print costs.

Here you can also make changes later, such as restricting the range of pages to be printed (e.g. 1-12),
Duplex printing, A3/A4 and color/black and white switch, determine the number of copies and whether you want to keep the print job in the list after printing (♥ icon in the app).

If you keep a print job printed a little longer, you can select multiple print jobs to print or delete.

Note: You are only charged for what actually comes out of the printer. Even if the printer fails while printing, you will only be charged for what has been printed up to that point.

Printing with the app

To print with the app, simply select the job from the list and click on the printer icon (make sure the print settings match).

Now the QR code camera will open. Confirm that the app is allowed to use your camera.

Now go to a free printer and tap on the display, if the display is not turned on.

Now simply scan the QR code with your phone and the print will be executed.

Printing without an app

If you don’t have a smartphone or don’t want to download the app, you can print at the terminal PCs next to the printers in the library and in the copy service.

To do this, log in at the terminal with your login data and select the previously uploaded print job from the job list.Then click on Print and your print will come out of the printer next to the terminal.

Scanning and copying

Place the documents to be copied on the glass surface of the printer under the lid or in the automatic feeder.

With app

In the Copyclient app, click the bottom right if you want to copy and the bottom center to scan.

Then scan the QR code on one of the printers.

On the printer screen, tap “Scanner“, then “scan2asta” (you can set options like brightness, double-sided, etc. via Send Settings), then “Start“.

If you selected “Scan” in the app, the document will be uploaded to the job list, if you selected “Copy”, it will be uploaded and copied.

Finish scanning with “Sc.end/Finish Scn” (Only necessary if you placed your document on the glass plate, not if you use the automatic feeder).

With terminal PC

Log in to the AStA Copyclient (at the terminal PC in the AStA Service or in the library) with your login data and click on “Scan mode”.

Then tap on the printer display next to the terminal PC if it is switched off and tap on “Scanner“, then on “scan2asta“.

Make the scan settings (brightness, duplex, etc.) and go to “Start.”

The file will be uploaded to the job list as a PDF.

Finish the scan with “Sc.end/Finish Scn” (Only necessary if you placed your document on the glass plate, not if you use the automatic feeder).

Directly to USB stick

If you want to scan a document directly to a USB stick, go to a free printer, plug your USB stick into the USB socket to the left of the touchscreen and tap Print/Scan (storage device).

There you set the scan settings and then start the scan with the big green button.
When you have finished scanning a document, touch the Sc.End button on the touchscreen and the scan will end up on your USB stick (not necessary if you use the automatic feeder).

Copying without app or terminal PC

For the time being, you can also use the coin copiers for copying.

Return of the AStA Copycard

The return of the Copycard takes place at the AStA Service. If the card is undamaged, you will get the deposit back. The remaining credit must be used beforehand and will not be paid out.