Aktiven-Co-Working (english)

The Aktiven-Co-Working is a section of the 6th floor in the AStA Stadtcampus that is available to student groups at UPB for their work. It consists of the following rooms:

  • seminar room (20 people) with projector, sound system and air conditioning.
  • conference room (12 persons) with TV, whiteboard, video conferencing system and air-conditioning system
  • two group rooms (10 persons each) with TV, whiteboard and PC monitor
  • media room with lockable storage facilities for the actives

Access to the Aktiven-Co-Working is via the locking system already known from the Study Space, which works with the Delicard.

The media room can be used without prior booking, the other rooms must be reserved via the room booking tool. The Aktiven-Co-Working cannot be used during events in the event area.

Room booking tool

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

Never been to the Aktiven-Co-Working? Here we have compiled a few impressions:

FAQ Aktiven-Co-Working

The Aktiven-Co-Working can be used by all non-locked initiatives, project areas, student representatives and student councils as well as StuPa lists. The rooms are intended for all kinds of meetings and work sessions within the respective group. Parties are not allowed.

Non-student groups (e.g. chairs) or UPB-external groups are not allowed to use the Active Co-Working.

Registration for Active Co-Working takes place during our opening hours (see the very bottom of the page) at the AStA office on the 6th floor of the AStA Stadtcampus. The process is as follows:

  • Each group must register once for Aktiven-Co-Working by signing the User Agreement (see template). Required for this are:
    • (Vice) Chair to sign
    • Name and e-mail address of the person who is to act as contact person vis-à-vis the AStA
    • Names of the members who are allowed to sign up for Aktiven-Co-Working on their own behalf in the current semester
  • After signing the user agreement, the group will receive access to the booking tool.
  • In order to continue to use Aktiven-Co-Working, each group must sign back at the beginning of each semester with a current list of members who are allowed to independently sign up for Aktiven-Co-Working on behalf of the group during that semester.

Subsequently, all members named by the group can be independently activated for Aktiven-Co-Working (see next point).

The activation for the Aktiven-Co-Working takes place during our opening hours (see at the bottom of the page) in the AStA office on the 6th floor of the AStA Stadtcampus.

Please note: In order to be activated, your name must be registered with us. Please contact your chairperson or the person responsible for the Aktiven-Co-Working beforehand so that you don’t come in vain.

If you have been deposited with us, you only need to sign the user agreement (see template) to activate your account. For this we need your name, your postal address and your university e-mail address. Please bring your identity card for verification.

Afterwards we will activate your Delicard for the Aktiven-Co-Working (if you don’t have a Delicard, you can buy a card for 5 € or a transponder for 10 €).

In principle, use is possible every day from 7 am to 10 pm. During events in the event area, the Aktiven-Co-Working may not be entered. These time periods are provided with blockers accordingly in the booking tool.

Otherwise, the media room can be used at any time without prior booking. The other rooms must be reserved via the booking tool.

Like the event area, the roof terrace in front is not part of the Aktiven-Co-Working and accordingly may not be used in this context.

Instead, access to two further roof terraces is possible via the group rooms and the conference room.

Please note: If any of you do not abide by the Terms of Use, you risk having your group banned (temporarily or permanently) from Aktiven-Co-Working and the event space.