Dear students,

With the third relief package, the German government has also decided on the 49-Euro-Ticket (or the Deutschlandticket). Justifiably, all students are now asking themselves what will happen to their semester tickets. This semester, our semester ticket costs the equivalent of about € 38.50 per month, so the 49-Euro-Ticket is not far off. According to the Deutsche Bahn, an upgrade model of the semester ticket to the 49-Euro-Ticket and a nationwide solidarity model are currently being discussed, but the design and implementation is still completely open. One thing is clear: We as AStA continue to advocate for the best possible conditions for students and have thus demanded a 129 € education ticket together with all other ASten in NRW.

Unfortunately, we do not have more information ourselves at the moment, but we will of course inform you as soon as there is any progress.