Since we, like many other students, were not really happy with the permanent band solution for checking the 3G proof, our responsibles Leon, Moritz and Leo have been working intensively on a digital solution and developed an app in the last weeks, which can now be shown instead of the permanent or daily band and thus allows a check without external visibility of the immunization.

Starting tomorrow (Wednesday, 10.11.2021), our app “Digitaler 3G-Nachweis” can now be used instead of the wristbands to visit courses, the canteens and the library.

How does it work?

  1. Download the app from Google PlayStore/App Store
  2. Go to the accreditation tent at the main entrance next to Q
  3. Show 3G credentials and photo ID
  4. 3G service generates an individual QR code
  5. Scan QR code with app “Digitaler 3G-Nachweis”

-> A moving image with day-valid band color will appear in the app, which you can then show when entering the lecture hall, refectory and co.

More technical information:

An individual QR code is generated by the 3G service from the information in the official 3G proof. To do this, the 3G service uses the app “Digitaler 3G-Manager” – a more extensive version of the app with a password-protected user login. The QR code generated in this way can then be scanned with the QR code scanner of the “Digitaler 3G-Nachweis” app.

Once the QR code has been scanned, the app displays a neutral indication of the 3G status: A moving image appears with a band color that is valid for the day; the time runs every second, which prevents simple screenshot deceptions. It is not recognizable which type of 3G the detection is based on. The detection image in the app is identical in all three cases (recovered, vaccinated, tested). If the validity period of the 3G proof expires (e.g. during tests), the digital proof in the app also expires. Likewise, the digital proof can be deleted manually. Personal data is not stored. In the event of expiry, re-accreditation is necessary in order to obtain digital proof again.

For more information on the “Digitaler 3G-Nachweis” app, including download links for Android and iOS, privacy notices and system requirements, please visit the following link:

In order to counteract improper use of the app, it is necessary to carry out random checks. Thereby, the correctness of the digital proof is checked at the lecture halls and seminar rooms by the 3G service. In this case, the official 3G proof and a photo ID must be presented. Please make sure that you have these documents with you at all times. Random checks at lecture halls and seminar rooms will also be introduced for wearers of a permanent wristband.

The permanent wristbands will continue to be offered by the university alongside the digital solution.

A migration of the app into one of our existing apps was unfortunately not feasible for practical, data protection, technical as well as time reasons.

Below you will find a screenshot of a digital proof. The proof always shows the daily valid ribbon color – this is automatically updated every day at 0 o’clock. Since many university members will presumably use the digital proof in the future, the persons controlling the courses as well as the cafeterias and the library must also be aware of the digital proof.