Explore Germany with your SeTi

From September 13th to 26th, the local transportation industry is saying Thank You with a very special campaign: During this period, students of Paderborn University will be able to upgrade their semester tickets free of charge, in order to use public transportation services nationwide. No extra costs included! You can find all relevant information about this campaign here: https://www.besserweiter.de/abo-upgrade.html. 

All you have to do is register for the upgrade campaign by filling out a short form. (Please note: You have the option to register for a discounted trial BahnCard25, but this is only an option and not a must). In the field “Verkehrsverbünde oder -unternehmen / Landestarife” you should pick “WestfalenTarif” or “NRW-Tarif”. After a few minutes, you will receive your upgrade ticket by e-mail, which is then valid in combination with your regular semester ticket and a photo ID. 

Before using your upgrade ticket, please read the FAQ section about the campaign! While the upgrade is valid on most public transport routes in Germany, this does not hold true for all of them. Also, while you may be able to have additional people accompany you on your ticket in one area, this may be different in others: the semester ticket is not universally valid and conditions vary from one public transportation company to another and from one Bundesland to the next. Before each trip, it is best to find out which conditions apply in which area so that you can prepare accordingly. 

Have fun with the campaign! 

PS: If you are looking for general information about the semester ticket, have a look at our SeTi site:

All you need to know about the semester ticket