Due to the worldwide corona pandemic, universities are faced with great changes and challenges. We have compiled frequently asked questions and topics. This site is meant to help you stay oriented during your studies in times of corona. We will update it whenever we are made aware of missing links or questions. Should you have questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us through . (Please note that we can only respond to mails to this email-address, if they are directly related to matters concerning the corona pandemic. Please send questions about e.g. the copy service or the authentication of documents to the respective email addresses.)

Important information for UPB and the district of Paderborn

Paderborn University will keep you updated on the coronavirus and how it affects campus life (e.g. about exams, internships, deadlines etc.) here.

The student workstations in the Mensa Academica as well as in Building I are currently open. All relevant information can be found here under “Current Regulations”.

University library: Starting from 8 June 2021, the student workstations are available again in a restricted quantity. Please refer to the University Library’s homepage with regard to the specific regulations and opening hours.

The Central Examination Office answers FAQs about exams in times of corona here.

You can also find relevant information incl. statistics on the spread of the disease in the district of Paderborn here.

The most important questions about the AStA

The AStA office is open for the authentication of official documents during the belowmentioned opening hours. Please book an appointment beforehand using this tool.

Yes, we still offer these on the phone and virtually. If you wish to receive professional legal or tax counselling, please register beforehand using this form. All relevant information about legal and tax counselling services can be found here.

Furthermore, our social office team is offering their regular counselling services via phone and email. Relevant information can be found here.

The regular office hours of the rest of the AStA team cannot take place at the moment, but you can reach each and every one of us via mail and if necessary, we’ll agree on a different channel and time. You can find our email addresses here.

The self-service area of the Copyservice is available during opening hours. More on the Copyservice here. The DIY bicycle workshop will remain open during the current opening hours.

Both the Stadtcampus event location and the Study Space re-open on 21 June, 2021. All you need to know you will find here.

How can students finance themselves at the moment?

Many students are currently facing financial problems due to the corona pandemic. Their problems and questions are often complex, ranging from questions about BAföG, job terminations to the difficult question “Where can I get help, if I am suddenly unable to pay rent?” The DGB Jugend is providing answers to many of these questions (unfortunately only in German) here.  The Deutsche Studentenwerke are also providing answers to frequently asked questions (also in English) to these topics here.

The BMBF recently changed the BAföG regulations due to the corona pandemic. Even if you were not eligible for BAföG before, you may be eligible now. Students who already receive BAföG may now have a higher claim, if their parents are suffering corona-related financial consequences. Furthermore, you can now earn more money despite receiving BAföG if you work in the health sector, social institutions or agriculture).

The so-called Wohngeld may also be a serious option for you. More info here.

You can also apply for our social loan program here at the AStA. If you are eligible, you will be granted 500€ which you pay back over time without any interest. Of course, this won’t compensate a job loss, but it can prove a viable option in a one-time financial emergency. More info here.

The Daka, the loan services of the Studierendenwerke, also has an interest-free loan program. This is particularly interesting for international students because it offers long-term plans and does not require you to have a German or EU citizenship. More information here.

There are also student loan programs by the KfW that can grant you up to 650€ per month, regardless of your own income and that of your parents. Usually, the KfW charges you interest, but due to the pandemic, the BMBF announced that these interest rates will be suspended until 31 December 2021.  More information here. Please inform yourselves thoroughly about the interest rates after the current corona-related measures end.

If you have never thought about applying for a scholarship, now might be the time. Many scholarship programs fall short of their potential capacities because there aren’t enough applications. You can find the most regular scholarship databases here.

Corona and mental health

Self-Isolation, digital semester, reduced social contact to friends and fellow students: All these things can have a negative impact on your mental health. We would like to contribute to deconstructing the stigma around mental health issues and encourage you to seek help, if you need it. For example, the Association of German Professional Psychologists offers a daily corona hotline service from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening (0800 777 22 44). More information here.

Furthermore, the central student advice centre (ZSB) are offering psycho-social services. This is not a corona specific service, but is open to all students who are facing mental health issues triggered by study-related problems. More information here.

You have additional questions? Feel free to send us an email through ! It is only with your feedback that this site can be optimized so that you and your fellow students won’t have to look too long for answers to corona-related questions.