Ticket refund opportunity again 🌻🎫

On February 22nd and 23rd we will once again refund tickets for the AStA Summer Festival from 11 am to 2 pm. The event will take place in our AStA conference room ME U 639. You will find it if you take the lower entrance of the Mensa building (see 2nd picture), turn left and then take the 2nd door on the left. Please make sure to book an appointment here and show up on time. Please make one of the two appointments if you want to return tickets (friends can also do this for you), as there are currently no other return options planned.

Please remember your proof of 3G which you have to show at the entrance.

Thank you!

Collection of old equipment for a good cause

From 15.11. to 23.12. you can hand in old, broken or discarded cell phones (key phones & smartphones) at these collection points, among others at our AStA Service and at the AStA Stadtcampus. There are extra collection bins there for this purpose. For each cell phone collected, €1 will be donated to the "Lichtblicke" campaign. Please remember to set the devices to factory settings beforehand. If this does not happen, a certified deletion of the data on the device will be carried out. Cell phones contain plastic, glass and ceramics as well as many valuable metals that can be recycled. Therefore, go in search of your old cell phones, do something good for the environment and support the great fundraiser!

Digital proof of 3G

Since we, like many other students, were not really happy with the permanent band solution for checking the 3G proof, our responsibles Leon, Moritz and Leo have been working intensively on a digital solution and developed an app in the last weeks, which can now be shown instead of the permanent or daily band and thus allows a check without external visibility of the immunization.

Starting tomorrow (Wednesday, 10.11.2021), our app "Digitaler 3G-Nachweis" can now be used instead of the wristbands to visit courses, the canteens and the library.

How does it work?

  1. Download the app from Google PlayStore/App Store
  2. Go to the accreditation tent at the main entrance next to Q
  3. Show 3G credentials and photo ID
  4. 3G service generates an individual QR code
  5. Scan QR code with app "Digitaler 3G-Nachweis"

-> A moving image with day-valid band color will appear in the app, which you can then show when entering the lecture hall, refectory and co.

More technical information:

An individual QR code is generated by the 3G service from the information in the official 3G proof. To do this, the 3G service uses the app "Digitaler 3G-Manager" - a more extensive version of the app with a password-protected user login. The QR code generated in this way can then be scanned with the QR code scanner of the "Digitaler 3G-Nachweis" app.

Once the QR code has been scanned, the app displays a neutral indication of the 3G status: A moving image appears with a band color that is valid for the day; the time runs every second, which prevents simple screenshot deceptions. It is not recognizable which type of 3G the detection is based on. The detection image in the app is identical in all three cases (recovered, vaccinated, tested). If the validity period of the 3G proof expires (e.g. during tests), the digital proof in the app also expires. Likewise, the digital proof can be deleted manually. Personal data is not stored. In the event of expiry, re-accreditation is necessary in order to obtain digital proof again.

For more information on the "Digitaler 3G-Nachweis" app, including download links for Android and iOS, privacy notices and system requirements, please visit the following link: https://hilfe.uni-paderborn.de/Nutzung_des_digitalen_3G-Nachweises

In order to counteract improper use of the app, it is necessary to carry out random checks. Thereby, the correctness of the digital proof is checked at the lecture halls and seminar rooms by the 3G service. In this case, the official 3G proof and a photo ID must be presented. Please make sure that you have these documents with you at all times. Random checks at lecture halls and seminar rooms will also be introduced for wearers of a permanent wristband.

The permanent wristbands will continue to be offered by the university alongside the digital solution.

A migration of the app into one of our existing apps was unfortunately not feasible for practical, data protection, technical as well as time reasons.

Below you will find a screenshot of a digital proof. The proof always shows the daily valid ribbon color - this is automatically updated every day at 0 o'clock. Since many university members will presumably use the digital proof in the future, the persons controlling the courses as well as the cafeterias and the library must also be aware of the digital proof.

AStA Sommerfestival Ticket Return

Dear Festivalists,  

these past 18 months have truly been the most exhausting in the history of the AStA Summer Festival. The double cancellation in 2020 and 2021 was not only hard to bear from an organizational perspective, but also from a student perspective our hearts are still bleeding in the AStA.  

Many of us and you are still holding tickets that we bought late in 2019 or early in 2020 full of anticipation for an ecstatic campus party – maybe even the first of its kind in the course of our studies.   

And then this: a pandemic that not only represents a disruption with serious consequences in all of our daily lives, but was also an unparalleled caesura for the university as well as the AStA Summer Festival.  

With this statement we especially address those of you who have had to wait for almost two years and have been guarding your tickets full of hope for more colorful and better times.   

You had to endure a lot of uncertainty. Now we want to finally get this out of the way.  

Will my ticket still be valid for the next AStA Summer Festival – no matter if in 2022 or later?  

No. Since we will be organizing the next festival together with a new agency, a clean cut is the most practical solution from an organizational and financial perspective at this point in time. All of you who still hold one or more tickets can have them refunded. Until now, this refund has always been done by the previous agency, but from now on, we as AStA will take over the rights and obligations regarding the tickets for the summer festivals 2020 and 2021 that have been sold and not returned so far. For this purpose, we want to organize a larger refund event on the lawn in front of the G lecture hall on 16.11.2021 and on 23.11.2021 from 10 am – 4 pm respectively. Please book yourself an appointment for this here.  

Is it still possible to donate the ticket like in summer 2020? 

There are no plans for a donation campaign like in summer 2020. However, if you decide to waive your right to a refund, the AStA would be extremely grateful. You can perhaps imagine that the now completed legal settlement was also financially draining. However, since we do not want to pass on this financial burden to you, we will refund all tickets where this is requested, as this is your right.  

What if I lost my ticket or can’t find it again?  

Unfortunately, we can only refund tickets that we can subsequently validate. Without the ticket we can not refund the price.  

Kind regards and thank you for patience & understanding!

Your AStA 

Next On-Campus Vaccination Event on 14 October

Shortly after the start of lectures and the large-scale return to face-to-face teaching, Paderborn University in cooperation with the district of Paderborn is once again offering a barrier-free vaccination event. This will take place on 14 October between 10:30 and 16:00 in the I-building (first floor).

Here, students, prospective students, employees, and people interested in getting vaccinated can easily get their shot against Covid-19 without having to book an appointment in advance. As with previous events, you can choose between vaccines from BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson.

If you choose the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, a single shot is sufficient for immunization. With the vaccine from BioNTech, you can get your first or second shot at this event. The prerequisite for the second vaccination is that the first shot was at least three weeks prior to 14 October.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, please bring a photo ID, your health insurance card and – if available – your vaccination card. You can view the corresponding information poster here.

Explore Germany with your SeTi

Explore Germany with your SeTi

From September 13th to 26th, the local transportation industry is saying Thank You with a very special campaign: During this period, students of Paderborn University will be able to upgrade their semester tickets free of charge, in order to use public transportation services nationwide. No extra costs included! You can find all relevant information about this campaign here: https://www.besserweiter.de/abo-upgrade.html. 

All you have to do is register for the upgrade campaign by filling out a short form. (Please note: You have the option to register for a discounted trial BahnCard25, but this is only an option and not a must). In the field “Verkehrsverbünde oder -unternehmen / Landestarife” you should pick “WestfalenTarif” or “NRW-Tarif”. After a few minutes, you will receive your upgrade ticket by e-mail, which is then valid in combination with your regular semester ticket and a photo ID. 

Before using your upgrade ticket, please read the FAQ section about the campaign! While the upgrade is valid on most public transport routes in Germany, this does not hold true for all of them. Also, while you may be able to have additional people accompany you on your ticket in one area, this may be different in others: the semester ticket is not universally valid and conditions vary from one public transportation company to another and from one Bundesland to the next. Before each trip, it is best to find out which conditions apply in which area so that you can prepare accordingly. 

Have fun with the campaign! 

PS: If you are looking for general information about the semester ticket, have a look at our SeTi site:

All you need to know about the semester ticket

Vaccination Opportunity on Campus on 5 August

Vaccination Opportunity on Campus on 5 August

The university administration in cooperation with the Paderborn vaccination center are offering an unbureaucratic vaccination opportunity (BioNTech or Johnson & Johnson possible) for all students and staff in the Q building on Thursday, August 5th (10:00-16:30h).

If you wish to take this opportunity, you don’t have to make an appointment. You can just stop by Q1 unannounced. But don’t forget to bring a valid ID, your health insurance card, and – if you have one – your vaccination card.

University Elections 2021: Interviews with Stupa Lists

University Elections 2021: Interviews with Stupa Lists

It’s that time of the year again: From 12 July to 15 July, all students are called upon to cast their votes for their candidates for the student parliament (Stupa), the senate, the faculty council, the Fachschaftsrat (FSR), and the Fachschaftsvertretung (FSV). However, not everything is as usual: Instead of voting in the Audimax, GrillCafé or the Senate Room, you can vote online for the first time ever.

You can cast your votes through the IMT Service Portal, which you have to log into using your IMT account. Voting starts on 12 July at 9:30 in the morning and ends on 15 July at 15:00.

In order for you to get to know the lists running for the Stupa, we interviewed some of their candidates. You can find all these interviews on the AStA YouTube Channel and embedded underneath this post.

Feel free to also use the Stupa-o-Mat, an online tool to compare your own positions with those of the lists. You can find it on the Stupa Website. 

If you wish to know who is running for which particular office, here you will find all the official election-related publications for the student elections. Furthermore, here you will find the candidates for the Senate and the Faculty Councils (under “Wahlvorschläge”).

In case you don’t know yet why all these offices and the elections are important for all students, the universal has provided an explanation of all these in their current issue which you will find here.

Additional Passenger and Bicycle Transport with the Semester Ticket during Summer Break

Additional Passenger and Bicycle Transport with the Semester Ticket during Summer Break

Deutsche Bahn as well as some NRW transport companies want to thank all ticket subscribers who have remained loyal to public transport during the pandemic with a special summer campaign. This also includes the NRW Semester Ticket of Paderborn University. Therefore, there will be some temporary special rights for all SeTi users of UPB during the summer break from July 3 to August 17.

In the entire NRW area (but not on the route extensions to Göttingen, Kassel and Hanover), all users of the semester ticket are allowed to take one additional person (adult or child) and up to three children (between the ages of 6 and 14) or one additional person (adult or child) and up to two bicycles free of charge during the summer vacations from July 3 to August 17.

If you have general questions about the semester ticket, you will find everything you need to know about the SeTi following the link down below!

AStA Picnic Concert with the Antilopen Gang and Fatoni & Edgar Wasser in Schloss Neuhaus 

AStA Picnic Concert with the Antilopen Gang and Fatoni & Edgar Wasser in Schloss Neuhaus 

Abandoned lecture halls, an abandoned campus, two summers without the AStA Sommerfestival: student culture in Paderborn has had to suffer many blows during the pandemic. We want to end this cultural dry spell with a picnic concert by the Antilopen Gang and Fatoni & Edgar Wasser in the Schloss- und Auenpark on 24 July! 

In cooperation with the Wohlsein, who already organize several concerts during the Paderborn Kultursommer featuring, among others, Giant Rooks, Gentleman, and Lea, we want to celebrate the comeback of student culture during this summer. We are so excited that Danger Dan, Koljah, and Panik Panzer will come to Paderborn this year! With their blend of uncompromising rap, punk, pop tirades, piano interludes, and improvised jazz, they are one of the musically most diverse groups in the German industry. Furthermore, the uncompromisingly witty and eloquent Fatoni & Edgar Wasser will demonstrate their incomparable precision and skillfulness in dissecting the current zeitgeist.

“We are more than happy to finally go back to enjoying cultural events again. We wanted to offer Paderborn’s students a musical summer highlight, since they have had to abstain from so much during this pandemic,” says AStA chair Sharlene Frammelsberger. 

Tickets are available now! 

All relevant info here: 

What? AStA Picnic Concert with the Antilopen Gang and Fatoni & Edgar Wasser

When? 24 July 2021, admission: 6pm, start: 7:30pm 

Where? Schloss- und Auenpark Paderborn/Schloss Neuhaus 

Price: 40 EUR, “Bring Your Own” inclusive

What is a picnic concert? 

  • The audience is seated on picnic blankets two or four people per blanket. 
  • Food and drinks can be brought from home. 
  • If a concert cannot take place, 100% of your money (incl. all fees) will be reimbursed. 
  • All relevant information can be found here: https://www.picknick-konzerte.de/