Additional Passenger and Bicycle Transport with the Semester Ticket during Summer Break

Deutsche Bahn as well as some NRW transport companies want to thank all ticket subscribers who have remained loyal to public transport during the pandemic with a special summer campaign. This also includes the NRW Semester Ticket of Paderborn University. Therefore, there will be some temporary special rights for all SeTi users of UPB during the summer break from July 3 to August 17.

In the entire NRW area (but not on the route extensions to Göttingen, Kassel and Hanover), all users of the semester ticket are allowed to take one additional person (adult or child) and up to three children (between the ages of 6 and 14) or one additional person (adult or child) and up to two bicycles free of charge during the summer vacations from July 3 to August 17.

If you have general questions about the semester ticket, you will find everything you need to know about the SeTi following the link down below!